Social Economic & Equality Coalition

Who We Are

The Coalition is a citizens group working to promote common sense, effective, educational, social, and economic public policies and practices The Coalition is governed by a council of 15 members (the "Council").

The Council serves as an Advisory Board to The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability (“CTBA”). CTBA is committed to ensuring state, federal, and local public policies and core systems are designed to (i) engender social and economic justice; (ii) promote opportunity for all; and (iii) comport with evidence- and/or research-based best practices. The Council agrees to adhere to all Council Membership Policies

Coalition Chair                        -      Chad Carpenter, Reven Capital, LLC (bio)
Membership Chair                  -      Nina Linh, The Wonderseed Foundation (bio)
Government Affairs Chair       -      Paul Miller, Thrively (bio
Marketing Chair                      -      Steve Chucovich, Architect, Technologist & Educator Consultant (bio)
Endorsements Chair               -     Joe Goodman, Chicago Title (bio)
Co-Sponsors Chair                 -      Mike Honda, Former California Congressman  (bio)
Policy Chair                            -      Ralph M. Martire, Center for Tax and Budget Accountability (bio)
Council Member                     -      Ken Wesson, Educational Consultant (bio)
Council Member                     -      Patrick DeConcini, 4-D Properties, LLP (bio)
Council Member                     -      Roger Sherman, Gensler (bio)
Council Member                     -      Will Davis, Illinois State Representative, 30th District (bio)
Council Member                     -      Eugene Itkin, Genies Center of Education Excellence (bio)
Council Member                     -      Shegan Campbell, Kids Science Labs 
Council Member                     -      Michael Jacoby, Illinois ASBO (bio)
Council Member                     -      Ben Austin, Education Civil Rights Now (bio)

We are Bi-Partisan

Working on long-term systems change is difficult, especially in the current divisive political environment. Hence, we believe it is crucial to gain support for redressing long-standing societal inequities by working on a bi-partisan basis and focus on bridging, rather than reinforcing, ideological divides.

What We Believe

If the American Dream means anything, it is that the circumstances of a person’s birth ought not limit what she or he can achieve in life. Neither a person’s innate characteristics nor income level should constitute barriers to opportunity, nor negate his or her civil rights.

Our Current Focus

Our current focus is working with the CTBA to improve K-12 education nationwide, by supporting reforms that are evidence-based; redress historic inequities as well as opportunity/outcome gaps that are based on income, race, or ethnicity; and are sustainably and fairly funded. One such reform is the "Invest in Excellence and Equity in America Education Act" (the "Education Reform Bill"). This Education Reform Bill is model legislation that would help ensure each and every child in America has access to a high quality, public education based on the evidence of what works to promote academic success.

Sponsors and Endorsers of the Education Reform Bill

Congresswoman Robin Kelly (IL-02)
Reverend Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Push Coalition
Congressman Raul Grijalva (AZ-03)
Former Senator Dennis DeConcini AZ
Congressman Brad Sherman (CA-30)
Former Congressman Mike Honda CA
Reven Capital, LLC
The Wonderseed Foundation
  Genies Center for Educational Excellence
  Center for Tax and Budget Accountability

We are hoping more bi-partisan sponsors and endorsers will emerge for the Education Reform Bill. To learn more about the Education Reform Bill, please contact the Council at

Click here to read the Education Reform Bill
Click here to read the Education Reform Bill Presentation
Click here to read the Education Reform Bill Issue Brief
Click here to read the Education Reform Bill Fund Raising Presentation

The Education Reform Bill

(i) is designed to fund those educational, professional development, social/emotional, and other practices which have a statistically meaningful relationship to enhancing student achievement across a broad spectrum of outcomes (including standardized test scores, drop-out rates, disciplinary rates, graduation rates, attendance rates, enrollment in advanced placement or related programs, college matriculation rates, and college graduation rates);

(ii) is focused on increasing the quality and quantity of resources available to traditionally underfunded school districts across the nation; 

(iii) will counter historic inequities in school funding systems; and

(iv) creates a national system of education funding that ensures each and every child a high-quality public education that meets her or his academic and social/emotional needs.

You can support the Coalition and its efforts to promote common sense reforms like those included in the Education Reform Bill, by making a tax-deductible donation.  

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How to Join

To become a member of the Coalition, you must meet the following criteria, apply for membership, pay an annual fee and be approved by the Membership Committee of the Coalition.

  • Must submit via email to your name, birthdate, position (job or school), email address, phone number, mailing address, and must be 18 or older and a US citizen.
  • Passion statement – Why do you want to be a part of the Coalition, and how can you contribute?
  • Would you be interested in joining any of the Coalition committees?
    • Membership – Help the Membership Committee with managing new members.
    • Government Affairs – Work with the Government Affairs committee on special projects.
    • Marketing – Help the Marketing Committee work on raising awareness of the Coalition.
    • Fundraising – Help the Fundraising Committee raise funds from corporate, non-profits and others to support the Coalition.
    • Endorsements – Help the Endorsements Committee recruit individuals, corporate, non-profit and other organization to endorse our Coalition and reforms that satisfy our principles.
    • Co-Sponsors – Help the Co-Sponsor Committee recruit Congresswoman, Congressmen and Senators to co-sponsor our bills.


  • 18 or older
  • US citizen
  • Have the passion to want to help effect positive change in education and social justice


  • Student — $25.00 per year
  • Professional — $100.00 per year
  • Dues support awareness and third-party expenses


  • Submit all required documentation and information, including a passion statement that adheres to the Coalition's mission.
  • Agree to abide by the standards and code of ethics/conduct.
  • Pay the fee. All fees are paid to CTBA. Check should be made payable to the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability and mailed to:

Center for Tax and Budget Accountability
Attention: Tracy Schonberger, Administrative Director
430 S. Michigan Avenue, AUD 874
Chicago, IL 60605

  • Membership Committee will review and approve members. When approved, you will be notified by the Membership Committee.

How We Work With CTBA To Promote Policy Reform and Systems Change

All of our work with CTBA will involve identifying both the structural flaws in extant, core public policy systems (such as in the funding of public education), and then identifying the evidence- and or research-based solutions to said flaws.

Following is a short description of how we will work with CTBA to pursue policy reform:

(i) first, we will rely on CTBA to develop research which identifies systemic inequities that have emerged over time—such as institutional and structural racism--frequently through the interaction of poorly designed and/or implemented major public policy systems, and then help identify the evidence-based initiatives needed to reform those flawed policy systems in a manner that promotes access to opportunity for everyone, regardless of income class, race, or ethnicity;

(ii) second, we will assist CTBA in its efforts to serve as technical advisor to elected and administrative officials in both parties (at the federal, state, and local levels), community-based organizations, and the media on various policy reforms which promote social and economic justice, and create opportunity for all, irrespective of innate characteristics or social class/status;

(iii) third, we will work with CTBA to educate the public about how various extant policies actually impede, rather than create pathways to, opportunity for disadvantaged populations;

(iv) fourth, we will work collaboratively with CTBA and other experts, community-based organizations, decision makers, and opinion leaders, both to identify the issues to be addressed and ultimately to move a comprehensive reform agenda forward;

(v) fifth, we will help CTBA tie fiscal policy—particularly tax policy—to the capacity of the public sector to provide core services (like education, human services, healthcare, housing, and public safety) in a manner that both satisfies demographically driven demand and comports with evidence-based best practices.