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April 16, 2015

INDIANAPOLIS - A new study calls Indiana's school voucher program into question.

The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability report says there's no reason to subsidize Indiana School vouchers with public tax dollars. The group, which identifies itself as "a bipartisan, nonprofit research, and advocacy think tank," looked at school voucher programs in other states that have been operating for decades. The results found students using vouchers to attend private schools do no better than those in public schools.

The study also concluded that "at-risk students" who live in poverty, are learning English, or have special needs and attend public schools out-perform those who attend charter or religious private schools.

"The bottom line is even staunch supporters of vouchers have come to the realization that vouchers in and of themselves do not help students achieve to higher levels academically," said Ralph M. Martire with the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability.

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