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January 14, 2019

JB Pritzker was sworn in as governor Monday afternoon, January 14, 2019, at a packed arena in Springfield, but the honeymoon might not last very long, as even Democratic allies acknowledge he faces the tough task of filling a “pretty large hole” in the state budget. 

Ralph Martire, executive director of the Center For Tax & Budget Accountability, said the change in governors means “first and foremost, functional government.”

“That’s something Illinois hasn’t had for years. I mean, even under Rod Blagojevich and Pat Quinn, there were a lot of battles between the General Assembly and the governor’s office, I think, that were unnecessary and counterproductive,” he said. “I think JB Pritzker has shown, look, he gets he’s got to work with legislators to have an agenda move forward.”

Source: CBS 2 Chicago