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August 16, 2013

So far, it's only a resolution, nothing more, a resolution filed in the House and Senate, virtually identical to resolutions filed almost annually for the last quarter-century, only rarely to be debated and never passed.

Even if passed, the resolution would need a super-majority of citizens' permission to take effect. That's how far the idea of a "graduated" income tax in Illinois must travel to become a reality. But it still drew a crowd in Springfield on Thursday.

Having Ralph Martire - an Illinois tax analysis celebrity - billed as the proponent in the great tax debate certainly helped draw a gathering of perhaps a hundred to the Hoogland Center event convened by the Springfield Citizens Club.

Martire's opponent was Illinois Policy Institute Vice President Ted Dabrowski, a game debater who gave it a good shot but was clearly outgunned by Center for Tax and Budget Accountability Executive Director Martire.

But it's early. Dabrowski surely will have many opportunities to help derail the proposal.

What is a "graduated" income tax? 

Source: State School News Service