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September 26, 2013

There's a push in Illinois to make income taxes fair for all residents.

Ralph Martire with the center for tax and budget accountability spoke at a league of women voters forum tonight at Quincy University's North Campus.

Martire says Illinois' current 5% income tax is a flat tax, that means everyone pays the same rate.

The less money you make, the higher percentage of your pay goes to taxes.

Martire says moving to a fair and progressive tax could provide tax relief to more than 90% of the state's residents and still create more revenue for the state.

"Illinois' taxes are designed to work in about a turn of the century economy if the turn of the century were going into the 1900's. Since it doesn't work in a modern economy, we've never had adequate revenue to invest in infrastructure or education or healthcare or social services," said Ralph Martire.

Martire also says the income tax increase passed by lawmakers two years ago has helped stabilize the state's debt problem, keeping it from spiraling out of control.

Source: WGEM Quincy