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May 20, 2015

As budget talks continue at the Statehouse, two organizations suggesting where Illinois needs to go financially. The Taxpayers' Federation and Center for Tax and Budget Accountability held a conference outlining possible solutions to the state's struggling fiscal situation.

With Democrats seeking more tax revenue and the Governor proposing numerous cuts, both groups agreed the state should apply the sales tax to more services, which they say would better balance the economy.

"The low and the middle income family that has a lawn to take care of will purchase a lawn mower and pay a sales tax on the purchase of that product," saod Center for Tax and Budget Accountability Director Ralph Martire. "The more affluent family in Barrington will get a lawn service to care for their lawn and pay no sales tax on that service."

Governor Rauner campaigned on expanding the state's tax base to services, but has spoken against new revenue through taxes since his budget address.

Source: WICS NewsChannel 20