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October 27, 2014

Why is the state of Illinois is such bad economic shape, getting worse all the time?

Because, according to Ralph Martire, the Director of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability (a non-partisan organization, that is, supported by and responsible to both political parties) we have an outdated and perverse tax system which can never provide the revenue needed for us to have a healthy economy.

So the politicians borrow to meet costs, the state deficit grows bigger and every year things gets worse. Mr. Martire discussed the fiscal reasons for this and suggested remedies in a talk in Buzzard Hall, at E.I.U., on Monday.

His talk is particularly concerned with education: For Each and Every Child: What Teachers Need to Know about Funding for Education in Illinois and Nationally.

The current flat tax system, in place since the 1970s, is at the root of many of the problems which undermine the public services and threaten the quality of life of most Illinois citizens.

There are special interests which benefit greatly from it, however, and they will use their great resources to prevent change. But citizens now have a chance to take a stand against them in this election by voting yes to the proposition that urges legislators to reform the tax system.

The Fair Tax acts proposed last spring in the Senate and the House have gotten the ball rolling and now this proposition gives voters the opportunity to increase the pressure for real change. Our children and our students deserve the quality education which will prepare them for successful careers in the global economy, and Illinois citizens deserve quality public services.

Whoever is elected to govern on Nov. 4 needs to get this message.

Source: Journal Gazette & Times Courier