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January 30, 2014

To the Editor:

Regarding your ‘Skip the rhetoric, we want the facts’ editorial of Jan. 19: Amen to that. Unfortunately, if past performance is any indicator it’s going to take more than facts. As we’ve seen, going through the motions of gathering facts is far different than listening to and acting on those facts.

The House Revenue and Finance Committee hearings sound exactly like the courtroom-style, fact-finding Pensions Conference Committee hearings held last year. That committee was presented with 18 pages of ‘cold hard facts’’ resulting from the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability’s study of, and expertise in, the precise subjects in question, “taxes” and “budget.” They clearly defined the problem, and the solution.

Unfortunately, legislators chose to ignore those particularly inconvenient facts and instead opted to make up their own version, not supported by facts, nor emotion, but rather by political and personal expediency. That made taking the second step, addressing the real problem, virtually impossible. Hopefully they will do a better job this

time because if the cure isn’t supported by facts it isn’t a cure at all and the ‘disease’ goes unchecked.

Bill Thomas


Source: The Southern Illinoisan