State of Working Illinois 2006

Release: December 11, 2006

CTBA working in partnership with Northern Illinois University produced the 2006 State of Working Illinois. The Report is one of the most detailed state analyses ever conducted on the Illinois economy.

The Illinois Pension Funding Problem: Why It Matters

Release: November 20, 2006

An analysis of the five Illinois retirement systems finds that the state's worst-in-the-nation unfunded pension liability has grown by more than $7 billion in just the last two years.

Economics, Education Funding & the State Fiscal System

Release: October 20, 2006

A presentation on the Illinois economy, and how it relates to education funding.

Changing Chicago's Housing Crisis into New Opportunities

Release: October 12, 2006

This Report examines the crisis conditions of affordable housing in Chicago and offers a way forward.

HB 4908 Limitation of the Net Operating Expense Carry Forward

Release: October 10, 2006

An overview of House Bill 4908 of the 92nd General Assembly, which would have limited the Net Operating Loss Deduction for businesses.