At times, the endless number of complex names, acronyms, and concepts in the world of public policy and advocacy can feel overwhelming. It takes time and experience to become comfortable with these terms and abbreviations. For this reason, the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability has developed a glossary of terms and acronyms that we repeatedly encounter in our field of work.

The Illinois Legislative Cycle provides an overview of the legislative process in Illinois.

The Illinois Retirement Security Initiative is a project of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability.  Working with its partners on the Steering Committee and Advisory Council, the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability created the Illinois Retirement Security Initiative to address...

With over 70 tables and charts, the Illinois State Budget and Tax Primer details the technical elements of the budget process, revenue system and challenges the state faces in clear terms. It provides in-depth analysis of historical spending and revenue trends, major budget pressures, deficit spending, bonds and debt, pensions and how the state shares revenue with local governments.

Useful links to many organizations that CTBA collaborates with or uses as data resources.