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Ralph Martire Interviewed by WTTW "Chicago Tonight"

CTBA Executive Director Ralph Martire was recently interviewed by WTTW "Chicago Tonight" reporter Paris Schutz regarding Chicago Alderman Joe Moore's proposal to institute a graduated rate income tax for the City of Chicago.  Even though Alderman Moore's proposal would effectively raise $500 million in revenue, the Illinois state constitution prohibits taxing on a graduated scale. The only way to enact a graduated income tax would be to lobby the state Senate to change the state constitution, which according to Ralph would be extremely difficult and would involve a lot of "hoops to jump through." However, Ralph suggests that another way to increase revenue would be to expand the sales tax base to include services, which would raise about $300 million in revenue for the City of Chicago.

The segment aired at 7:00 PM on Thursday, June 11, 2015, on WTTW. If you missed the program, watch it now!



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